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My first encounter with the rather heavy Jamaican variant of Ganja was made, of course, only a few hours after arrival at Kingston. It knocked me out. I soon came to the conclusion I had to learn to know the stuff better. Knowing Ganja is a very important part of getting to know Jamaica, its people, and not at least its music. There were several attempts to teach me to control the flow of Ganja in my body by imagining that the brain can be split in two parts: One part lets go while the other part keeps control. I can’t say I really learned that trick but it seemed that the reggae artists had no problems with it.



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Jah Thomas: Mr. Barrister. From the LP ”Dance Hall Stylee”, Daddy Kool, 1982. Recorded at Channel One Studio & produced by Silver Camel/Daddy Kool.

Jah Thomas (born 1955) is a ”typical” top ranking reggae DJ-artist, unique in his style yet immediately recognizable as a member of a great culture. This sound summarizes brilliantly his style at the late 70’s and early 80’s and it also emphasizes the sincerity with which the DJ culture met the humiliating and never-ending ban against marijuana.