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Jamaica is blessed with one of the world’s most favourable environments for pleasure as well as food production. But greedy multinational corporations have exploited the natural resources without anyone stopping them and the deplorable political situation have completed the damage, with two equally big political parties competing for control, which is only imaginary anyway, the multinational corporations doing whatever they want to do anyway. The situations seems hopeless. However, in 1978 at a meeting at the farmers’ association, there was a proposal that the Jamaican government should encourage farmers to grow the country’s most successful and most coveted product Ganja, so the country could get on the right track economically as well as otherwise.



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Dr Alimantado: Gimmi my gun. From the LP ”Best Dressed Chicken in Town”, Greensleeves, 1978. Recorded at several studios with several of the top studioengineers.

Dr Alimantado is one of the most remarkable of the ”2nd generation” DJs, not unlike U-Roy whom he admired a lot. This record is a compilation of Alimantado recordings from 1973 to 1978 made in different major reggae studios and it is one of the most versatile and most ”must-have” DJ albums ever.