Culture: Natty never get weary. Single from Virgin Records, 1978.




Summary in English

A reasoning

A Rasta reasoning can be anything, the main ingredient being that thoughts and ideas are shared. It is usually but not necessarily accompanied by a waterpipe, the chalice. The following is a digest of several reasonings. English translation first, then in norwegian - no music...



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Tapper Zukie & Knowledge: What's Yours. Disco-45 (Maxi-single), New Star, 1977. Produced by Tapper Zukie and Lee Perry.
Tapper's real name is David Sinclair. Born in 1955, the man has made a profound impact on the more heavy roots reggae scene. This is one of Tappa's most compelling productions among many. The little sound-bite you are allowed to get here can be expanded at youtube - on the right.

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