Culture: Natty never get weary. Single from Virgin Records, 1978.

Summary in English

Rastafari Movement

Our white author has finally got into a profoundly Rasta neighbourhood outside Kingston. The manager of a workshop, Lance Douglas, is also a representative of the organisation Rastafari Movement Association. He agrees to be interviewed. It is all rather complicated, he starts. The enslavement today is in the brain. Any freedom fighter must work to free the people’s brains. For the black man, the experience of slavery has been so extraordinarily harsh that he does not easily fall for all the promises that lie in the new western wealth, because he knows what this wealth is built upon. The rastas go even further. They refuse to take part in this kind of wealth and they see this as economical sanctions against the society, Babylon.



What is this?






Ranking Devon: "Hard Times", a Disco-45 (maxi single) from Dance
Beat/Greenway Music, date not given, appr. 1979.

This is a very, very typical reggae Disco-45. Her and on the next two pages you will hear three
soundbites from it. This first one gives the ridim ...