Culture: Natty never get weary. Single from Virgin Records, 1978.



Summary in English

The Rasta a sincerely religious person. He believes in God, but God is here and everywhere and not in any heaven. He longs for the promised land, but it is not in the skies. He reads the Bible, but he does not put on the white man’s spectacles to read it. He believes in truth and right here and now. He meditates a lot, he knows God well, and from time to time he is God himself. His life is i-tal, or organic. His goal is a free community life in a free Africa. However, he is poor and has no formal education. The states and governments of Africa do not want him.



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Burning Spear: Black Disciples. From the LP "Dry and Heavy", Island Records,

Recorded at Harry J Studio, Kingston, this album is Burning Spear's
perhaps most compelling sound in my opinion, not only just as "dry and
heavy" as the title suggests but absolutely desperate.