Culture: Natty never get weary. Single from Virgin Records, 1978.



Summary in English

Reaching the 1960s, the whole Jamaican society was another ”Us” and ”Them”, only this time the alienated group consisted of the Rastas, of whom the rest of the society still knew nothing. However, the government appointed a committee to do some research on the matter. The committee duly came up with several recommendations. Unbelievably, one of the recommendations was that the Rastas should be sent back to Africa according to their wishes. The next unbelievable act from the government was when Michael Manley, campaigning for prime minister in 1976, used Rasta slogans to win the election. And he won.



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Big Youth: Writing on the Wall. From the LP "Isaiah First Prophet of Old",
Virgin Records, 1978. Recorded at Joe Gibbs / Harry J Studio.

This is another track from the same album as previous page. Social
commentary almost buried in deep religious symbolism.